October 21 - 22, 2019

Terra gallery · 511 Harrison St · San Francisco, CA 94105

What is CompCon?

CompCon is a day-long experience that brings together revolutionary compensation and HR leaders to share ideas, get inspired, and gain insight about our transforming industry.

Hosted by Payfactors, CompCon challenges everything you think you know about conferences.

CompCon lets you step away from your day-to-day to explore the art, science, and evolution of our industry — challenging you to think differently and uncover what’s next in your career and your life.

That means interactive learning with innovators. Collective knowledge-sharing with visionaries. And collaborating with peers on how to improve ourselves, our profession, and our companies.


David Goggins

Keynote Speaker

David Goggins

Retired Navy SEAL, endurance athlete, author

Keynote Speaker

Stan Dunlap

EVP Global Rewards, Employee Success @ Salesforce


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